I Just Wanted To Say “Hello”-Gap Areas Of StartUp World

Interesting to note the comments always, 90% of startups fail, incubators are failures, accelerators are failures so we need to have a policy or framework.

Brilliant talk, brilliant expressions and brilliant data but who will solve this problem? Whom to blame?

Keeping in mind these questions started working on “Gap Areas” through academic research too and analyzing the data available while interacting with budding entrepreneurs.

Hopefully most popular concept of “Idea Generation” & “B-Plan competitions” to be stopped totally as the first step. You are most welcome to put forward your argument but I am fully convinced.

My perception, understanding indicating that “Developing right kind of mental model” to be an entrepreneur should be the first focus point. Ideas don’t mature, B-Plans are blank or hollow even because enough background research has not been initiated. If the entire algorithm can follow a time frame with developing the mental model from pre-incubation to incubation so that acceleration can be achieved well.

Well, wanted to say hello through this piece of writing so kept it short and simple and will be continued further.


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2 Replies to “I Just Wanted To Say “Hello”-Gap Areas Of StartUp World”

  1. Jai Kishan Trivedi says: Reply

    I totally agree with you sir but, I just have a view for this kind of stuff that by restricting , defining boundaries or limiting the scope by providing pre defined standards, doesn’t itself brings down the innovation? I mean to say that when there is so much of diversity in each aspect, then how can we expect everything to be successfully governed by same standards.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Good point raised by you, Yes we need to have specifications sectorial for sustainability.
    I will try to write on this point or title.

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