Who will read my lines? At-least read this post.

“Unique We Are”
Always interesting to interact with people who are having intellectual ability to understand my propositions. Here I do not mean only a selected group of people having the intellectual ability but my association and interaction usually take place with intellectuals.However, I do learn enough from people who are having enough wisdom through common sense approaches. Hope further elaboration not required because common sense approaches can lead to simplicity and commonalities.

Interesting because intellectuals always suggest me to write and publish either through the blog or as per my capacity. My question to them always who will read my lines?

Hopefully for any author or writer major challenge is to attract readers but ultimate challenge is reading habits, who will work on that meaning to attract more readers? As an individual level as an academician always tries to adopt one method or other, so that can improve reading habits of associates mainly students.

To be continued because you will read my lines.

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4 Replies to “Who will read my lines? At-least read this post.”

  1. First reader was the self.

  2. archit shukla says: Reply

    It is true sir, reading habit should be improved to get more views and readers.

    Any suggestion can’t be said would be a good one or bad , but yes it does not depend upon who is giving intellectual or common sense person, a child or an older person , men or a women.

    It depends upon an individual who takes it , validates it , understands it’s feasibility , selects the right suggestion, makes a proper plan and then implement it.

    But still you can’t say it was a good or bad decision till we get a required outcome.

    So it’s very much complicated to decide the Right decision. But it is true many a times unexpected things happen from unexpected persons.

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