#StartUp-“360 Degree Personality Development”-Reality Or Myth ?


A Case Study Through own experience and exposure.

In the year 1982, yes long back after appearing in Matriculation examination (those days it was class 11) tried to understand own weaknesses ? ??As popularly we now a days say “SWOT” analysis.

Interesting to note now, still it is common with so many people as my spoken power of English was too bad that time. What options I had ? Only one, joining a spoken English institute to learn spoken English.

I joined an institute, thanks to almighty and the institute which was near to my home, today I can deliver a lecture in English and write a Blog also. Still I am putting effort to learn English.

Now the question is why this post and title of Blog ?

After working with various positions in industry almost 18 years and 8 plus years in academics, felt there is a need of “360 degree personality development” for students. Here meaning is “holistic development” of personality. So writing few lines.

As mentor now for student startups also felt that this is a missing link or dots to be connected well.

Not only startup but I have seen professionals also need to have look at this point of “360 degree personality development”.

I am sure and confident, for learning age should not be restriction so go ahead with proper introspection.

Word of caution “English” is language only which can help develop our personality but 360 degree approach is quite different. Purposefully not mentioning name of any successful personality but our analysis will always indicate that they have 360 degree developed personalities.

Are you ready to initiate the journey ? We are always here to extend our help.

Thanks for your patience and reading. To be continued with further input so stay tuned please.


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2 Replies to “#StartUp-“360 Degree Personality Development”-Reality Or Myth ?”

  1. Sheetal Thomas says: Reply

    Very true sir, 360 Degree Personality is an essential in today’s challenging environment. I always use this anecdote in my sessions while training students for their future ventures.Imagine that you rush to the railway station and the their is no announcements about the train you are supposed to travel. Anxious about the information, you look around, there is a man standing near you wearing a torn jeans, baggy t-shirt, braided hair and canvas bag. You look farther and you see a man with a briefcase, wearing a black suite and looking on his mobile phone. Will you walk to the man near you or to the man with a briefcase? To my surprise even the Generation Z says they would walk to the man who is wearing a black suite. Why? – Because he looks responsible and would give a correct information.
    Does Looks Matter – Can a man wearing a Black Suite with Briefcase be more responsible?

    360 Personality will help you understand the skill with people.

    Go for it!

    1. Thanks a lot for value addition. Yes, we will go ahead with same.

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